Luana & Marco

Luana & Marco

Luxury wedding in the Venice Lagoon

Today, we bring you the romantic wedding of Luana and Marco, held in the stunning Venice lagoon, Italy. The couple’s dreamy outdoor ceremony was held on the idyllic Isola di Santa Cristina, with the picturesque lagoon as the backdrop.

The event was a celebration of love, glamour, and sophistication, and every aspect of it had been meticulously planned out to provide an experience that would not soon be forgotten. The stunning floral arrangements, created by Centro Fiori, added a touch of classiness to the celebration, complementing the beauty of the surrounding landscape.

Luana and Marco’s wedding was truly exclusive, with only their closest friends and family in attendance. The intimacy of the occasion added to the overall sense of romance and enchantment. It’s safe to say that Luana and Marco, will never forget the gorgeous setting for their romantic wedding and the exquisite flower arrangement of their wedding.


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